Information and instructions for all riders and their teams.


The paddock is situated in the accommodation area ATC “U veže” AMK Horice that is commonly used as a recreation loading. The capacity of the camp is several fold exceeded during the race. For these reasons it is necessary to take into consideration the inadequacies that may occur such as; problems with water, electricity, place etc. You can forestall these problems partially by following the given rules.

Arrival of riders to the parking of racing machines.

Arrival of drivers and their escorts to the parking lot of racing machines is normally allowed from Wednesday. Restrictions may only cause conflicts with lessons on the traffic playground located in the area. However, the organiser will try to avoid this situation and will inform the riders here in time in such a case.

Possibilities of rider´s arrival into the paddock

In case a rider comes later, outside the given time, the rider must leave the car on the main road inside the camp (in a way it does not block the road) and wait until the following day so that the rider does not disturb the others. This rule also applies to adjacent meadows.

Day Time
Wednesday 10:00 a.m.- 10:00 p.m.
Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Parking places

You must have your entry form that is filled in properly and which has been sent to the rider (or printed version-confirmation of your start; in case this will be published through the internet) if you want to enter the paddock. You won’t be let in the paddock without the entry form or the confirmation — the printed version.

Parking places that are situated in front of cottages around the main way (see the plan) are intended for big cars such as; truck semitrailers, buses etc.

Rider is obliged to take the place that is given to him/her by the organizer (according to the prepared plan).

It is not allowed to park on the places that are not marked by the organizer with coloured tape or with something similar.

In case a rider occupies any other place that was not assigned to the rider by the organizer or it is the place marked by the coloured tape, the rider will be banished from this place.

A rider will be asked by the organizer to let the accompanying cars park outside the paddock. The paddock is intended for riders, not for numerous accompanists with their cars.

Riders will be placed on the neighbouring meadows when the capacity of the paddock is reached.

It is necessary to take into consideration the others during your parking and occupy minimal space. You also have to respect riders accommodated in cottages. Rider´s cars and tents are bigger every year and you should realize that the paddock is not inflatable.


Reservation of the parking :


ATC “U Věže” is available for public as accommodation facilities until Friday that is why it is necessary to pay for your stay on the reception. The camp is reserved only for riders and organizers AMK Horice from Friday to Sunday. The accommodation on outdoor places is not paid. You pay for the accommodation in cottages for the whole week, including Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



If it is possible, please do not use electrical appliances with the high input (heating, kettle etc.). The overloading of the electrical network can cause some problems with power supply. In that case the organizer is obliged to react adequately which means to completely disconnect some parts temporarily.

In the event of taking a place other than that designated by the organiser or a place marked with coloured tape, the rider will be banned from that place.

In the event of a rider having more than one escort vehicle, he will be asked by the organiser to park one of these vehicles in an area outside the parking lot of the race machines. The race machine parking area is primarily for drivers and not for large escorts.



The organizer requests the riders and their accompanist not to waste water and thereby enable the others to wash themselves as well.

Hazardous waste

Oily rag, oil and the other hazardous wastes must be thrown into the specially labelled bins that are placed near the service roads.

Use the absorption mat!


Put all rubbish into the prepared bins and containers. Keep the tidiness in the paddock.

Information resources

All the important information will be given on the information board situated at the front-gate. The results of an individual practise and the race are possible to pick up in the reception area. Pay attention to the actual call distributed through the local radio.

Check tapes

Wear the check tapes (arm bands) for riders, mechanics, accompanist etc. visibly so that you are allowed in and out of the paddock without any needless check.

Private property and green vegetation

Do not damage the organizer´s property and the green vegetation (especially thujas andcherry-wood). Behave like at home.

Silent hours

Follow the silent hours. You also want to be smart and fit the next day!

Follow the staff´s instructions in the paddock !!!