Hygienické opatření pro diváky

Prosíme všechny diváky aby respektovali následující pokyny:

  1. Každý divák musí být nejméně 14 dní po druhé dávce očkování proti covid- 19 nebo musí mít antigenní test, ne starší 72 hodin nebo PCR test, ne starší než 7 dní nebo být v ochranné lhůtě 180 dní po prodělaní Covidu. Tato opatření neplatí pro děti do 12 let.
  2. Diváci musí mít v prostorech s vyšší koncentrací lidí předepsanou ochranu dýchacích cest
  3. Po celém okruhu budou pro diváky rozmístěny dezinfekční prostředky
  4. V prostoru náměstí bude během závodního víkendu k dispozici označené testovací místo


It is not possible to accommodate in the paddock during the sporting event — 300 curves of Gustav Havel. This area is fully available for riders and their accompanists. However, it is possible to accommodate in the accommodation facilities in Hořice or in the near surroundings such as; Dachovy, Miletín or Milovice. 


Parking places are mostly situated in the centre of the city. The largest area is on the Horice´s square. It is also possible to use the Riegrova Street for parking your car or motorbike. You park and it is only few metres to the circuit. It is a beautiful walk, even though up the hill. You get to the paddock in few minutes.

Closure off traffic on the track

Important information for those of you who don´t want to go on foot. The closure of traffic is at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Only the organizer´s cars and cars with special labelling are allowed to enter the track. So if you want to park your motorbike somewhere near the paddock you must get up earlier.

After passing the applicant vehicle with a red flag, the track is also closed to pedestrians.

Ecological Decalogue

  1. Only we as human beings have the responsibility to the vegetation and animals with which we share the environment.
  2. Remember it is forbidden to damage trees and vegetation in forests and on the meadows around the race track.
  3. We park our cars and motorbikes on the reserved areas.
  4. We use only marked paths and areas, respect the organizer´s instructions.
  5. We always throw the rubbish into the rubbish bin.
  6. We respect the surroundings. Try to keep the environment in the original condition.
  7. We don´t start fires in the open air and don´t throw away live cigarettes
  8. We carry away the plastic bottles and throw them into the proper bin.
  9. We don´t drive our motorbikes and bikes in the forest stand and on the forest´s paths.
  10. We just behave like at home where each of us protect and respect our property.

Entrance fee

Where Who Friday Saturday Sunday Fr+Sa+Su
Track Adults 200,-Kč 300,-Kč 400,-Kč
Track Chlidren 50,-Kč 50,-Kč
Where Who Friday Saturday Sunday Fr+Sa+Su
Paddock Adults 300,-Kč 200,-Kč 300,-Kč
Paddock Children over 12 years 300,-Kč 200,-Kč 300,-Kč
Paddock Children to 12 years Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Program 50,-Kč


The entrance ticket into the paddock is accepted only with the ticket on the track.